National Soccer League 100th Anniversary Tournament

Sunday, December 8, 2019

The Odeum Expo Center – 1033 N Villa Ave in Villa Park, IL 

Tournament Rules




1. Competition format: Sixteen teams are arranged into four groups of four teams each. In the Group Stage, everyone plays everyone once. Group champions advance to the semifinals.


2. Three points for a victory, one point for a draw. The winning score of a forfeited match is 3:0.


3. Tiebreakers, listed in order of application.

Most points

Head-to-head results

Most goals scored

Best goal difference

Fewest blue cards

Coin flip.


4. Teams must check in at the Control Table no less than 20 minutes prior to kickoff. Late-arriving players must take their pass to the timekeeper and check in. No player is allowed on the field without having checked in.


5. Roster limit: 18 players.


6. All matches have a 20-minute duration, no halftime.


7. All matches must start on time. A team who is not ready to play within five minutes of kickoff will forfeit the points.


8. In the Knockout Stage, tied matches will be decided by 5 kicks from the penalty mark.


9. All players must have a valid registration from a league affiliated with the US Adult Soccer Association. No pass, no play. 


10. Any team who uses an ineligible player will forfeit the points from any match in which the player participates.


11. Players must dress in the locker rooms. 


12. Home team is listed first on the schedule.


13. In the event of a color conflict, the designated away team must change shirts. Exception: Away teams wearing white do not have to change. Training vests are not an appropriate solution for resolving color conflicts.


14. Players who are sent off for fighting or for attacking a referee will be banned for the rest of the tournament. Players who are sent off for any other reason will be suspended for one match.


15. All protests must be submitted in writing to the Tournament Commissioners, Ante Loncar and Boris Vukovic, within 30 minutes of the conclusion of the match. Decisions of the Tournament Commissioners are final.