NSL Suspends Remainder of Indoor Season

The NSL's Executive Board met on March 12 to discuss the status of the current indoor season in light of the increasing threat of the coronavirus. The Board concluded that the final two rounds of the indoor season have been canceled, as well as the post-season Cup Tournament. Without knowing how long the coronavirus will remain a significant threat and the fact that many teams will likely be focusing on the outdoor season by the time the threat has diminished, the Board concluded that postponing the season and playing the last two rounds later was not a feasible option.


Ending the season prematurely, however, has an impact on the final standings in both Divisions. The Board has come up with a solution that is fair and reasonable to all teams involved in meaningful matches.


Major Division Champion: Albanian Stars

Relegated from Major Division to First Division: HDS Eagles


First Division Champion: Czarny Jaslo

Czarny Jaslo and CD Taji are promoted to the Major Division for the 2020-21 indoor season.


HDS Eagles would very likely have been relegated had the season played out. In order to catch 7th-place Vikings AA, Eagles would have needed to beat them by 16 goals in their return match, and then would have had to win their last match, and would have needed Vikings to lose their last match.


We had anticipated a playoff between the 7th-place team in the Major Division and the 2nd-place team in the First Division for a spot in the Major Division. With the race for the two promotion spots in the First Division still in the balance, we thought that the fair thing to do was to promote both Czarny Jaslo and CD Taji and eliminate the winner-take-all Promotion Match.


This is not a perfect solution and the Board recognizes this aspect. But there is no perfect solution when a health crisis hits.