Highlights - FC Guadalajara 3 : 3 SAC Wisla

FC Guadalajara and SAC Wisla battled to a 3:3 draw at Hales Franciscan HS in a match were all of the goals were scored in the second half. The result positions Wisla in fifth place in the table.


Guadalajara got on the board first, just moments after the second-half whistle.


Wisla replied with a pair of goals five minutes apart. Artur Gedroic equalized in the 60th minute and Adam Boloz gave Wisla the lead at 2:1 in minute 65.


Guadalajara made a spirited comeback, banging home two unanswered goals to go 3:2 up.


Wisla, however, had the final word, as Kazimierz Boloz guaranteed a split of the points with a late strike.