Highlights - Wisloka Chicago 2 : 5 CKS Warta

CKS Warta moved into the top six in the NSL table on Friday, when they dispatched Wisloka Chicago 5:2 at Redmond Sports Complex. Daniel Damian paced Warta with a hat trick. Wisloka, who previously held the top spot in the league, had already been displaced on Thursday, following Vikings' 13:0 rout of Dundalk FC.



Warta wasted no time,  opening the scoring through Damian on 14 minutes. He beat Wisloka's offside trap and slotted the ball under the diving goalkeeper to give Warta their lead.


Two goals, just moments apart, put Warta in the driver's seat.  Jose Castellanos made it 2:0 in the 25th minute and Damian upped the lead to 3:0 one minute later. 


Warta remained dangerous to start the second half, as Damian struck again in the 54th minute to complete his treble.



Wisloka pulled one back at the hour mark, as Warta's defense fell asleep and goalkeeper Rodolfo Gonzalez was unable to react quickly to the shot.


Damian hit the post in the 69th minute, but Wisloka cut the lead to 4:2 three minutes later.


Warta put the result to bed two minutes from the end through Will Butler.